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Brake Shoe Brake Shoe Japanese Auto Car 04495-ok120 Rear Drum Carbon Ceramic Brake Shoe For TOYOTA Vigo

Brake shoes Yaolun are manufactured using Semi-Metallic technology on modern equipment, taking into account the latest achievements in the field of braking systems. Specially selected friction materials ensure the minimum braking distance, smooth and efficient braking, low and even wear of the brake shoes, without causing squeaks, whistles and vibrations. Brake shoes Warranty 12 months. Wherever you bought or installed a part, within a year you have the right to return it by simply providing him with a receipt or other document confirming the purchase date and price. Even if you are not a certified auto mechanic and installed the part yourself in your garage, just keep your purchase receipt and, if a problem arises, you can always return the part. Yaolun is a global brand of auto parts, components and consumables. The main specialization of the brand: resource parts for post-warranty service of Japanese cars. The company's strategy is to offer consumers the best ratio of reliability and cost of spare parts.

toyota brake shoes

toyota brake shoes

Brake shoes are designed for traditional braking systems, and since these brakes are less mechanically efficient than many modern disc brake systems, choosing a good quality shoe is especially important.

Yaolun brake shoes have long service life and high reliability. Their core feature is a very stable coefficient of friction. In this way, stable braking performance is maintained even at high speeds, in heavy rain or severe temperature fluctuations.

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