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In vehicles with manual transmissions, the clutch is the heart of the powertrain. It starts and shifts as it splits or splits the power transmission from the engine and transmission. In the non-driven state, it establishes a frictional connection that allows the transmission of engine torque to the transmission. If the clutch is actuated, the connection is broken. In vehicles with manual transmissions, the clutch makes a significant contribution to comfort behavior - whether through soft starts, quick gear changes or smooth running.

Car clutches engage and disengage power transmission to the transmission, while shifting gears accelerates or decelerates the vehicle. Therefore, it avoids friction between the meshing/disengaging driving gear and driven gear. It also prevents any damage to the gears. Typically, vehicles with manual transmissions have only one clutch. However, automatic transmission vehicles may have more than one clutch.

Features of Clutch Automotive:

Transmission of torque - it should be able to deliver maximum engine torque.

Gradually engage - it should actively engage/disengage gradually without any twitches/shocks.

Heat Dissipation - The clutch generates a lot of heat when it works. Therefore, the clutch should ensure sufficient heat dissipation.

Dynamic Balance - Must be dynamically balanced, especially in high-speed vehicles.

Vibration damping - It must have suitable mechanisms to dampen vibrations and eliminate noise during transmission.

Compact size - it has to be the smallest size and take up the least amount of space.

Free Pedal Clearance - Pedal clearance must be provided to reduce the effective clamping load on the thrust bearing and its wear.

Ease of Operation - It must provide the driver with an easy/smooth engagement/disengagement operation.

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