Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes

Premium Brake Shoes

Our Premium Brake Shoes are the perfect brake shoe replacement for everyday driving vehicles. 

Our premium brake shoe feature:

Copper-free thermally bonded friction lining

High-temperature anti-rust coating that protects against corrosion and extends brake shoe life

Precision ground pads for a precise fit and optimal braking

Additional levers and pins included according to original equipment

Premium Brake Shoes can withstand the heat of everyday use.

Yaolun offers a comprehensive brake friction program for every budget and consumer. The safety and reliability of everyday driving are critical to the development of our brake pad program. Yaolun brake pads provide superior vehicle control, driver comfort and safety in a variety of driving conditions - maximizing driver confidence.

We offer unique friction materials designed for fit and function in a variety of vehicles. All formulas are independently tested for wear and noise squeal protocols.

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