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honda brake shoes

Brake shoe refers to the accessory that is pushed outward by the action of the brake cam or push rod to suppress the brake drum and act as a brake. It is installed on the brake drum and is one of the key safety parts in the automobile braking system. The shape of the brake shoe is like a half-moon. When the brake is stepped on, the two half-moon-shaped brake shoes are spread out under the action of the brake wheel cylinder, supporting the brake shoe to rub against the inner wall of the brake drum to slow down or stop.

honda brake shoes

A spark plug comprises three main parts: the housing, insulator, and electrodes.

Brake shoes are designed for traditional braking systems, and since these brakes are less mechanically efficient than many modern disc brake systems, choosing a good quality shoe is especially important.

Genuine Honda Genuine Parts

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Designed and dimensioned to precisely fit Honda, providing suitable and reliable braking torque for Honda 

The canvas brake shoe has strong power, no noise, and will not cause damage to other components. The body brake shoe is made of aluminum alloy that meets the Honda standard, ensuring that the Honda brake shoe is rust-proof, light and strong.

OEM Honda Brake Shoes are one of the most frequently replaced parts on a vehicle. They help you slow down by putting pressure on the brake rotors. Below are our most popular original OEM Honda front brake pads. Buy more OEM Honda brakes. If you need help finding a set for your Honda, please contact us by phone, email or web chat!

Yaolun brake shoes have long service life and high reliability. Their core feature is a very stable coefficient of friction. In this way, stable braking performance is maintained even at high speeds, in heavy rain or severe temperature fluctuations.

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