How Long Will the Brake Shoes Last?

Nov. 16, 2022

Brake shoes are the parts that are pushed outward by the amount of action of the brake cam or push rod to compress the brake drum for braking, mounted on the brake drum, and are one of the key safety parts in the braking system of a car. Without it, your car will not be able to stop, which could be catastrophic. Brake failure is the product of one or more failures within the brake system components.

Most brake system components are designed to last a long time, some as long as the vehicle; one of these components is the brake shoes. You may be wondering, "How long do brake shoes last?" The vehicle's brake shoes are one of the most durable components in the entire assembly. Let's take a look at how long these components will last.

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How Long Will Brake Shoes Last?

A vehicle's brake shoes are designed to be expected to last 30,000 to 35,000 trouble-free miles under normal driving and maintenance conditions. These conditions include an excellent driving style, a culture of regular maintenance, good road conditions, favorable weather conditions, etc.

Uncertainties such as accidents and brake fluid leaks can also affect the life of a vehicle's brake shoes. As a result, a vehicle's brake shoes may not last as long as expected due to poor driving habits, poor road conditions, adverse weather conditions, etc.

Defective brake shoes can also lead to damage to other components of the braking system; therefore, you must pay close attention to determine when your vehicle's brake shoes need to be replaced. Brake shoes are tough components and any defects can be easily spotted so that you can be notified in time for the necessary replacement if needed.

If you are careful and lucky enough, you may only need to replace your vehicle's brake shoes a few times during the life of your vehicle. Careless drivers may have to repeat replacements every 10,000 - 15,000 miles.

When Do I Need to Replace My Brake Shoes?

There are many signs that will let you know when to replace your vehicle's brake shoes, and it is best to replace them as soon as you notice them. They are;

Grinding Sounds

One of the main signs that will let you know that your brake shoes need to be replaced is the grinding sound that your brakes make every time you apply them.

When your vehicle's brake shoes wear out, it is left with only the metal shoe platform; when you press the brake pedal while driving instead of braking quietly, the metal part of the brake shoe left behind will press against the inside of the drum, resulting in a loud grinding or scraping sound.

Do not try to deal with this situation as it may cause more damage to your car's braking system. When you hear the noise frequently while braking, replace the brake shoes as soon as possible. If you are wondering, "How long does it last after the brakes squeal?" The time frame is not specific, as you may experience unexpected brake failure. To avoid this, replace any faulty components.


Vehicles with drum brakes as rear brakes may vibrate when the brake shoes wear to the point where they can no longer be pressed firmly against the drums. The vibration causes the brake pedal to feel inconsistent when depressed. If you experience vibration when using your vehicle's brakes or if the car shakes when braking, you will likely need to replace the brake shoes.

Loose Handbrake

Have you ever had a situation where you pulled the handbrake on your car, but the car still had to move an inch to come to a complete stop? In this case, the brake shoes may be defective and need to be replaced.

Sometimes, if the vehicle's handbrake requires a hard pull to work effectively, you may need to check if the brake shoes need to be replaced or adjusted. You can also check to see if a loose hand brake cable is the cause.

Vehicle Traction

If your car leans to one side while driving, it indicates uneven wear on the front brake shoes (one-sided wear). Until this is corrected, you will need to replace the brake shoes.

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