Brake pads steel back

Brake pads steel back GDB8283

The purpose of the steel back of the brake pad is mainly to fix the friction material, which is easy to install on the brake system. The current cars are all made of ordinary steel, and some foreign classic cars are also made of aluminum.

The purpose of the steel back is mainly to fix the material, which is easy to install on the system. In our car back mount system, the brake pad is the most critical safety part, and the role of all brake pads is the decisive role of the steel back, so it is said that the steel back of the welding pad is the protector of the car.

SPARK PLUG Construction

A spark plug comprises three main parts: the housing, insulator, and electrodes.

Brake pad steel back is an indispensable part of brake pad, our company adopts fully automatic high-precision advanced production machines to produce high-quality brake pad steel back.

The steel back of brake pads is a safety part of the car. The country has a strict licensing system. However, like our food, the existence of the system does not guarantee that the products on the market are all good. Imitation, counterfeiting, and counterfeiting exist. in various industries. However, because it is the safety part of the car, the car factory does not dare to be careless when choosing the original car accessories. Its selection standard is much higher than the national standard. Therefore, as an ordinary consumer, you only need to follow the There is nothing wrong with choosing a car factory.

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