Thailand Bangkok TAPA Auto Parts Exhibition

Apr. 19, 2023

Thailand Auto Parts Exhibition (TAPA for short) is one of the most influential and innovative auto parts exhibitions in Asia. With the joint support of some automobile industry associations, the exhibition will be held at BITEC (Bangkok International Trade Expo Center) on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.

The quality of buyers at Auto Parts Thailand is relatively high, mainly from buyers from Arab countries such as Iran and Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Braking system products (such as brake discs, brake pads), automotive electronic products (such as GPS navigators, car audio players), automotive cylinder liners, automotive motor products and other products are the most popular at the exhibition site. In 2016, the exhibitors mainly came from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, China and other places, with a total of 605 exhibitors and an exhibition area of 19,200 square meters, attracting 9,419 visitors.

7de96a1643c67fb73d39052113f26a1.jpg Thailand Bangkok TAPA Auto Parts Exhibition


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